Muscle and Exercise Shock

There are those who exercise and there are those who don’t. For the ones who do, there are the instances when one plateaus. This could be for multiple reasons, but one of the most common ones is that they haven’t been varying their routines. If you were trying to lose weight or gain muscles, continuously doing the exercise allows your body to get used to it, and therefore, start to negate the effects. There is a thing called muscle shock where instead of the same-old same-old, you ‘shock’ your body by introducing a new routine, hence making it work actively┬áin the process. Instead of 25 Jumping Jacks everyday, you threw in a day of situps, or another day of push-ups, etc.

This works the same for relationships, and even general communication. Never be afraid to switch it up. I’m not saying go nuts and let everything out of your mouth be random utterances. I just want you to avoid the rut at all costs. Learn about each other and what you like, but don’t be afraid to learn about new things, or refine the older interests either. ‘Shock’ your life and work their muscles.