“And Then, The Lights Turned On”

There you are. You’re hanging out in the bar and you’ve been seeing a multitude of different women dancing and drinking the night away. You could have been great with these women and you could have bombed with others. All that you see is that in this area, it’s a sea of people in this music-filled, liquor-laden party…..

*record scratches*

Lights go on, music stops, and this sea of people has turned into a small room of confused individuals, who went from 8-10 in the dark to 5-6 in the light.


Now, I’m going to say people are ugly or something like that, but outside of this trick-box called a club, I’ve seen more than a few of these people in many different daytime surroundings: some at work, some on the train, library, etc, and they’re almost always meek and shy. It’s something about the feel of a dark sardine can, filled with top 40 and EDM tracks that gets them acting brand new. So ask yourself: why would you treat someone or put them on a pedestal in the nightscene, when the characters don’t match up in real life? The answer is – you don’t. Treat everyone with respect, but don’t go off making every single woman you see your Queen of the Night and not respecting yourself in the process.