“Eff Your Beauty Standards”

This ‘movement’, if you will, started from a plus-sized model named Tess Ryann, known as professionally as Tess Munster. It started as a means of loving one’s self as is and that beauty shouldn’t be defined by size or shape. This is a beautiful message and a genuine psychology that all should hold, and I would never talk down on it.

However, whether it was on her part or the fans themselves, the campaign took a turn and instead of the mantra that it heralded, it became a battle-cry for those who simply wanted to go “fuck it” in all aspects of life. The funny thing about it is this: if men were the ones who truly created or set these standards, how is it that men don’t enjoy the spoils of these standards? Why is it that men suffer the most in the realm of dating? Men can’t go “fuck it” and drop all regards and expect to be even remotely fruitful, so who are we claiming set these standards that this campaign is eff-ing? An average-looking woman can walk around Downtown in a Snuggie and bootleg Jordans and still get approached by suitors, but an average-looking male damn sure can’t, so how can we possibly try to imply that men are setting these standards when men themselves can’t even live by them?

We can only reach the conclusion that it’s mostly women setting these standards themselves, so if women are causing it, then the discussion doesn’t need to be using it as a ploy against men (because let’s face it, it’s silently aimed at men), but instead, it needs to open up the discussion of how we can communicate and express ourselves better. A discussion that needs to highlight the uneven nature of human communication between the sexes, and how we can rectify it.