What The Youth Can Learn From The Not-So-Youthful

Something that I’ve learned over the years is that a lot of women become more free-spirited when they’re older. There is a new vigor of directness and lessened room for being coy or playing emotional games. Younger women yearn for this freedom, but insist on keeping to what the “traditional” perception of what society says they should interact as. A lot of this comes from the fact that for most (if not all humanity), the physical appearance will surely weaken and wither over time, leaving them to become more resourceful in other forms of their lives; which can range from being more witty, to being more financially secure, or even going through great strides to tone their bodies. A lot of these attributes, men have to already go through to attract women, even much more. It shouldn’t be about appearances only in any form of relationship, but unfortunately, society has placed this mindset on a lot of impressionable youth and people unfortunately realize this later instead of sooner. It would be doing yourself a great service to talk to someone your age, then go and talk to an older woman, followed by going back and talking to someone in your age range again. The difference in style of conversation is uncanny!