“It’s All About Comfort”

A mistake that guys make very often when talking to women or even in their approaches is that they feel it needs to be a pick-up line to it. Some game of sorts or key set of moves. WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG.

It’s all about the comfort, baby!

Pick-up lines for guys are like men wearing Stiletto Heels (if guys wore those). It’s awkward putting them on, it’s ridiculous making sure the lines are right, and it may work on some chicks, but when you fall on your face; you fall hard!

Learn to treat your conversations like a pair of New Balance sneakers. You just put them on, and go about your day! They’re so comfy, you know how great your feet feel, but you’re not even thinking about it. Just talk to them with the candor you would talk to a great friend (not necessarily the same content though – pick wisely on that one!) and once she’s comfy, watch the magic work! If you find a great woman who engages with you back and forth, you won’t even realize how effortless it was until it was over.