Making Money Off Of Your Advances

So let’s say you’re an entrepreneur and you have X amount of dollars. You want to buy into a business, expand your market, and grow your stock, right? Cool. You’re walking along a strip in the city and all these companies are continuously vying for your attention. “Come invest with me!” “Let’s make money together!” “We’re going to make it to the top together!” etc, etc. Big brands, mom-and-pop shops, everyone wants you to get into their action.

If you go up to a company, any company at all, and invest whatever amount you feel into it, and this company took the money and ignored you; how would you feel? Doesn’t matter if you invested $100 or $100,000. If you put money into a company and no one got back to you or even acknowledged what was spent on what or even operations, you would feel disrespected and duped, right?

Your time is your money.

The mere notion of you saying, “Hi. How are you today?” is an investment of your time. It can be frivolous (which I don’t always recommend) or it can be genuine, but regardless of the amount of investment, there should always be a return on the investment (provided you’re respectful about it). I would never advocate a guy acting like an asshole and expecting the red carpet.

If you’re non-asshole like, and you’re putting an investment, you better be looking for returns, or else, you are not in the habit of good business practices. Instead of just being frivolous with your money, learn the value of saving and proper investing. Look for opportunities where you can step and make a name for yourself. If the opportunity doesn’t present itself, you make the opportunity, so long as you don’t look like an idiot doing it. When you make more than you spend, then you my friend, are growing your stock and moving onto bigger business!