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Silence Is The Best Answer

“If someone is wasting your time, always doing things or working to get your attention, but not giving you the time of day when you need it; you need to focus your efforts elsewhere and not give them the adoration they want. It's selfish of them and toxic to you. ”
- Troy Simera

What Would You Choose?

Would you rather¬†work at three times the rate you were working now with no change in efficiency OR work at half the rate you’re working now, but more efficient and more successful? Would you rather be the guy working 80 hours a week to make ends meet OR the guy who works 20 hours and travels the world? You want to be the guy who is an option OR an asset?

If you want to be the formers, go on about your day. You’re content. Complacent.

However, if you prefer the latters, you need to see your dating life in these instances and drastically improve your understanding and execution! It’s easier than you think and much, much more inexpensive than what you’ve been spending. Let’s make you the asset you were meant to be with ¬†“They Don’t Want You To Win (But I Do!)” today!

Learn Your Wines


The older you get, the more it will become more commonplace where instead of beer/straight up hard liquor, you will end up in situations with wine and members of the opposite sex. Not all women are hard drinkers and given safety concerns, they won’t always drink hard liquor in front of you. Wine, on the other hand, is a crowd favorite with women of all ages and eight out of ten times, she’ll use that as the sensual icebreaker/truthteller when dealing with you.

You guys need to learn your wines. I’m not saying that you need to memorize everything from your Riesling’s to your Sauvignon Blanc’s (though it helps), you should learn how to distinguish between the qualities of Red and White wines, and what foods go great with them. You may end up knowing more than she does on the matter and impressing her, leaving her with the curiosity of what else you may know about the world. Drink responsibly, of course.