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From Chapter 1 – Understanding the Female Psyche

The Male/Female Parallel

There is something you need to understand in society. Nearly everything in this world, quite possibly everything, boils down to how a man can attract a woman and vice versa. How you dress, how you talk, what you drive, how your living area is setup, the things do, how effective and how far you get in your jobs, etc. all go back to this theory. I’m talking positions where you really want to go far in life, whether it be for influence or affluence. Let’s talk money. Have you ever seen a bank filled with ugly tellers? I mean every single one of them. I have never ever seen a bank (one that did excellent business) fill their counters with people who weren’t capable of wooing your hard earned money out of your wallets/shoeboxes into their vaults. Think of retail. Same thing. Politics, entertainment, even non-profits. We sell ourselves everyday whether we realize it or not at one point or another and when we sell, it’s either based on Attraction or Need. I say Need because there are certain things that have to be sold on things that are unattractive i.e. things like world poverty and those 7 Cents a Day commercials or the Save a Puppy ads. It’s only a small amount of time until Attraction needs to be used in order to gain significant traction or else, they fall by the wayside. Understanding that women are out to attract you and get your attention, you have to learn that how you react accordingly does matter. Think of it like Ad Revenue. It’s free for you to watch all you want, but she is making her income off of you in the form of Interest Level Increase. You can either keep letting women make residuals off of you, or you can decide to get in on it and make your Value increase as well. A woman can say all she wants about how she “only strives to be beautiful for herself”, but don’t fall for the okey-doke. She wants you to look. She doesn’t want you to assault her or anything of the sort, but she indeed wants your attention.

Why Your Communication Is Key (And Why You Shouldn’t Give It Away Frivolously)

Now that you have a solid understanding of what the “Female Nut” is about, hopefully you now understand the value of your time. They say time is money, and even when you aren’t equating it directly to cash, it’s still a valuable asset that you never get back, so why throw time away when it isn’t always returned in kind? If you aren’t using your
communication to build a relationship, casual or committed, or even for knowledge; then you are wasting your
communication. You’ve certainly heard the term “small talk” before, and that’s exactly what it is: small talk. Often used to pass time (when you could have been using it more wisely, mind you), small talk is just to transition from one period of time until another. There are instances where small talk is useful, such as when transitioning from one serious topic to another, or even helping speed up the time during a non-eventful transaction i.e. at the bank or at the grocery store. However, when the whole conversation is small talk, you sir, are wasting your time. If you’re in a room full of people and you and your subject are only making cheap conversation, you’re wasting the time you could be using instead talking with someone who will build with you. I personally frown upon small talk unless it serves a purpose or gets me to my next goal. It can be used to open up a conversation, but that’s all it should be done for: opening up the convo and getting me to my goal. You have a small
window of opportunity to make a great impression with women, fellas.

Mind you, it can be a dynamic thing as well. If your subject sees you as a High Interest person, then small talk isn’t as destructive as it can be, but you give too much of it, and you will still lose value. You need to start strong, finish strong. You should also remember that people are watching you, even when you don’t realize it, so there will certainly be times when communication with one woman can affect the way your next conversation with someone else in the room will play out.  This can play out in a variety of ways. With a brief set of examples, we can go with how you’re at a party and you see a beautiful female by the bar. You go over and you talk to her. Unbeknownst to you, another charming damsel is by the tables, checking you out and seeing how you fare. You gain great reactions with Girl 1, Girl 2 will see you as someone who is worth the time and may make a play of talking to you later on in the night. Blow with it with Girl 1 and Girl 2 may see you as bad rubbish and ignore you altogether. This chain of events can continue on throughout the night. Always be observant of your surroundings and pick and choose wisely. Remember, you aren’t there to swing at every pitch thrown at you. You look for where you feel you can excel.

Another aspect to be mindful of is that your communication can’t be one-dimensional. The things you say and the manner you do them may be fine for one style of woman, but it won’t be like that for all types. A strong, Alpha type of female may need you to come in with a strong approach, directness, and firm resolve. You may have to be quick witted and cunning, while a more reserved and shy type may need to you to be soft, comforting, and with consistent reassurance. These types of women are wary from past dealings and relationships and may see your quickness as a form of hustling, hence
getting scared and clamming up. You should get into the habit of being a man of many approaches and techniques, learning to adapt your expressions on the fly. With that, you should also know when to say no. This is a key trait that will develop your mental strength exponentially. Not everyone is meant to be talked to and explored, and when you learn the value of your communication, you’ll understand how you can be a wise investor of social interactions. You can talk to keep your
convo skills sharp (like exercising your muscles), but just don’t be too frivolous.

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