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Does Race Matter? It Does (Unfortunately)

It really shouldn’t though.

More often than it should be, I have gents asking me what went wrong in their dating pursuits. They walk me through their processes and approaches, their “lines”, their outfits, and what have you. Of course, anyone can embellish a story to make it seem like they did no wrong, so with a few of them, I actually follow them “into the wild” if you will. What I see is immensely disappointing, but not surprising. There are many women out there who still treat men differently based on their skin color.

I touched on this in my book, and I’ll expand upon it further. There are forces in various mediums (especially media, music, and finance) who pull strings all the time to make certain races get looked at different lights. Minorities get painted in negative styles in music, movies, tv shows, and various other forms of media. Though there have been significant strides on shifting the perception, a lot of those efforts get drowned out by even more stereotypical appearances. There are people out there who are smart to see through the smokescreen, but unfortunately, there are a lot more people who happen to be susceptible to the nonsense. To take things further, there are young minority men who see these images and, wanting to so desperately belong to something bigger than them, embrace these images unto their own identity. There are a lot of women who will hold a strong resistance towards minority men in terms of actually accepting inquiries from them, a lot more stricter than from their Caucasian counterparts. This can be from what they see in the media, and even from what their parents instill in them from early age. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a favorite or form of preference in terms of attraction, but when one rules out people entirely due to skin color, you are in fact painting them as inferior, and thus instituting a form of racism.

Now, I can go on and on about this topic, but I would like to save that for another time and focus more on the observation and short-form solution. I want all men to succeed, so by these words, I’m not against any race whatsoever, and I just want there to be even footing on all accounts. For men of minority descent, I would implore you to be more attentive of the perception the media is trying to cast upon us, and go against it! For those that aren’t educated, go out and get educated! Better yourselves and your fellow man. For those that are educated, continue to pursue knowledge and strength. Help those around you and bring each other up. Take a stand and show people that you aren’t these “thuggish, violent beasts” society wants you to be known as. You as men, bring a lot more to the game than our female counterparts, ¬†and to be dismissed for your skin color, is not something you should entertain. Take control of your representation and watch the world react in amazement!