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Hey Mami!

I’m not sure if you all have seen this by now, but there was a video created for a non-profit ironically called ‘HollaBack!’, starring a Ms.¬†Shoshana B. Roberts. The premise of said video is that Ms. Roberts walked through the streets of New York City for nearly 10 hours and was said to be harassed nearly the entire time. Upon watching this video, while there were some forms of harassment being displayed (crudeness, brash behavior, even stalking), not all of the video comprised of this. Instead, you can see that genuine and simple compliments were being directed towards her, despite her completely ignoring them. While the model was intentionally quiet and steadfast in not acknowledging them for the purpose of this project, this occurrence happens all of the time in multiple parts of the world. This video displays great examples of being “scored on” and why you should avoid getting scored on at all times. As discussed in my book, “They Don’t Want You To Win (But I Do) (available HERE), I talk to you about the importance of your Value of Interest level (VOI) and how being scored on is when someone increases their VOI at someone else’s expense. The men who were saying things like “how are you?” or “have a great day!”, but got ignored, I feel sorry for, because they didn’t know they were being filmed. They genuinely complimented her in a respectful manner. Would I get up in arms when there are women who say “Good afternoon, handsome” on a busy street? No, I don’t mind it, provided they aren’t creepy or awkward about it. I take it as an acknowledgment that I’m taking great care of my mind, body, and spirit and the Universe lets me know of my job well done.

On the flipside, in regards to the men who were actually creepy in nature, these are the kinds you want to avoid emulating. These are the guys who are frivolously reducing their VOI in reckless manners. The “see what happens” mentality that I discuss in the book that is poisonous to your progress. If not careful and in a public scene, these guys become the “Careless Grenades”. I want you to learn from this video and resolve on better approaches, looking for leads, and proper execution. Be a commodity, not a casualty!