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What Would You Choose?

Would you rather¬†work at three times the rate you were working now with no change in efficiency OR work at half the rate you’re working now, but more efficient and more successful? Would you rather be the guy working 80 hours a week to make ends meet OR the guy who works 20 hours and travels the world? You want to be the guy who is an option OR an asset?

If you want to be the formers, go on about your day. You’re content. Complacent.

However, if you prefer the latters, you need to see your dating life in these instances and drastically improve your understanding and execution! It’s easier than you think and much, much more inexpensive than what you’ve been spending. Let’s make you the asset you were meant to be with ¬†“They Don’t Want You To Win (But I Do!)” today!

Can Rules Be Broken?


There are protocols and procedures that are taught to you everywhere in life, and a lot of new ones stated in in my book. However, there will be instances where you have to bend the rules a bit. My personal stance on it is that if you must break any of the rules, the person you’re doing it for must return on your “investment” in doing so. If you break your rules and the person you’re pursuing doesn’t reciprocate, then you should bid them adieu and keep it moving.